RSPB Bird watch Survey

Monday 11th February 2013

Recently we took part in the big garden? bird watch? which is now in its 34th year. Last year over 2000 Islanders took part joining 600,000 people across the UK.

Nev my gorgeous hubby loves it as it gets him out of doing any weekend chores for an hour as he sits with notebook and cup of tea in hand looking out of the window noting down all the birds that visit our garden.

We have a feeding station and had a range of the usual visitors with a pair of Jays after the meal worms scaring all the small birds away for a while unfortunately did not see anything unusual.
Numbers were down for us from last year and typically as soon as the hour was up all the birds arrived including some gulls.

Last year we just missed out on listing a Sparrow hawk that did a hit and run on one of our robins.
Weather was warm and quite Spring like with temperatures reaching 10 degrees in the afternoon.
Some gardens backing on to the Eastern Yar in Sandown had a rare visitor to add to their list a Black swan native to Australia so must have escaped from a private collection.

For more information on the RSPB bird watch go online and be ready for next year visit
Numbers and trends will be analysed and information published at the end of March
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