Wight Wanders new team member

Friday 3rd December 2010

Mitzy is an 8 year old Hafflinger mare and is helping Sandie check and develop routes throughout the Island?s network of Bridle ways.

Mitzy?s main roles will be

? Route leader
? Green manager
? Carrot tester

Hafflingers are a hardy native breed from Austria and as you can see she feels at home in the snow.

The Hafflinger breed will have a go at all equestrian activities and Mitzy loves a new challenge from long distance rides to going drag hunting with the Isle of Wight Fox Hounds and is enjoying her development and training.

Bridleways are used by walkers and riders alike and we are always looking for overgown paths and broken gates etc.

The BHS ( British Horse Society ) have a bridleway group for each area of the UK rather like the Ramblers society in that is encourages local authorities to keep Bridleways clear and gives information to users.
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